Welcome To Spidermew's House Of Stuff!!

Oh um... wow.. it has been a while sence i updated... fixed the broken Captian America link. Anything else broken?
Fixed the broken link for the music plugin in_mad150b.dll
Luxion sent me some stages, ive uploaded everything he sent me. Go check them out
Seth Lee made a stage i should have put up a week or more ago, ive just been bussy with school and related projects, then i got sick but im uploading it now.... 8-D
Dshiznetz is at it again! Not only are Lucario Blaziken and Gardevoir updated, but he's relesed Snorlax! Go get him now, here! Also he relesed patches to remove the helpers from all 4 of his pokemon, those can be obtained in the extra content area of the arcade.
NEW STAGE! Mugendude26 put out a new stage, and it is epic, go download it. IF you cant figure out why its so epic, well then you just dont know me very well do you? You never bring me flowers anymore....
Check it out; Lucario, Blaziken, and Gardevoir have been updated! Also If anyone out there is looking for a place to host a webcomic that can be updated weekly, give me a shout out and lets see if we cant get you up here.
Hey webheads, guess what! Got some new, High Res, stages for yall! Check out the 7 new stages TwilightPhoenix0402 has to offer!
Welcome everyone to the new verson of SpiderMew's House of Stuff, located at spidermew.infinitymugenteam.com!(thanks acey!)
Hope you got your space suits on. Didnt I tell you? My home is inside a multiversal nexus point. Anyhoo... Ive updated allot of stuff. All my sprites are up, every secton of the mugen arcade has been redone, and ive got the newest versions of both Hobgoblin by DARKTALBAIN and The Joker by ALEXZIQ (The Joker came out a few days ago, and it comes with a differnt portrate then the one given at cvg united) Now you may notice some of the older stuff still is downloaded off my old freewebs server, well im starting classes soon and right now i dont have the time to put everything on infinity's server, but eventualy they will be, and all new submissions will be uploaded stright here! (ftp is nice :D ) If you want your stuff up here, check out the contact me secton.

Nice view huh?