Welcome To The Sprite Centeral Showcase!

Please dont use any of these without permission.
My Mugen WIP's feature sprites by me, but will not be shown here (for them go to the arcade)

Characters designed for Table Top RPGs The American Eagle, Dr. Light(Susan Summers)and Oliva Queen Green Arrow By Spidermew
Various Sprites by SpiderMew
Symbote Wonderman, Symbote Batman and Venom: The Madness by SpiderMew
Various Sprite Edits for Judgespear's Mario Fusion Game, by SpiderMew
Earthbound Edits By Spidermew
8 bit Mega Man Edits by SpiderMew (done a long time ago)
Agro by Agro

Here's some things a bit too big for the table...All by me, SpiderMew

Want to see your stuff here? Just contact me!