There once was a website called "The Gundam Project." There, the owner of the site had made all this wonderful mobile suit artwork. Because of how well he made the images, they were easy for people to edit and splice togeather to make their own "frakengundams" the site is gone, and i do have the images from his site on my computer, perhaps i'll put them up later. As for the mechs, ive made quite a bit over the years. Lets start with the first one i ever made!(Note:Some clear parts are ment to be whtie)

Ive always wanted to make sprites of this one and convert him to mugen but i cant ever seem to get it to look right. This mech is what i used when i was roleplaying as Dark Warrior Duck (darkwing duck from the cartoon in the future epp) in a chatroom.

The Super Robo Jojo V1 and V2, i was playing Mojo Jojo at the time.

The Vaknor and Vaknor Command Unit were Mojo Jojo's army.

Then i had allot of requests to make mechs for other people.

And then my old mac crashed and i no longer had access to apple works 5....

Eventualy when i got a pc, someone turned me on to gimp, and i made these, the death knight being the first of the gimp mechs and allot of requests started coming back in based off of my older works

Then i stoped taking requests, and i made some mechs to go along with a table top rpg i was running

Joint edit venture by me and mastercidd

Then i was challanged with a new request, to make a mech for Candle Jack (an obscure character from Freakazoid)

Then i made a couple for my Ex and her brother.

There is one thats not finishied, i just never could... dont know why..


Decided to try a few things and make an edit of the Afferbia. this one edited with both The Gimp and Fighter Factory

Then I designed some for a game that never got off the ground, these are just Basic Units, probably use them in another game.

Back when i was a member of Team Spoiler, I made this mech to put into Ultrarobo Ninja's avatar.

The URN-001 Ninja Gundam was designed with a moble fighter in mind, flexable, hidden weapon systems, heat katana and reflex controll systems with the 360 view cockpit. May make more of the URN searies later on.