Want to contact SpiderMew?

Want to have your content featured on this website?

Well there are several ways!
You could email him at: SpiderMew@aol.com
You could send him an im
Yahoo/MSN:spidermew@yahoo.com (he dosnt use this one very much)
There's also his Myspace Page and his Facebook Page.

If your sending a chracter or a stage, first make sure that you have permission to edit if your editing someone else's work.
When you do send it, send me the character or stage in a rar or zip or ace file, make sure to include eather a stance or tuant image for a character and for the stages just an image showing it off.

If your sending me art or sprites, make sure that if you are editing someone elses work youve got the ok, and make sure your not sending anything with nudity.

Have some other content you want on a website but dont see a section for it? Send it anyway, and i may just make a room for you.