Here i'll gather a collection of images that combine 2 or more characters into one. Please dont use any of these without permission.(or atleast give credit)
From left to right: Mew, Spider Mew (w/no lines), Spider Mew (w/lines), Movie Spider Mew, Symbiote Spider Mew, and Movie Symbiote Spider Mew. Images by Batzarro
High-Def SpiderMew by _kronos_
The Orginal SpiderMew pic by Brak
Order of the Stick Style SpiderMew by (I forgot, sorry!) Kirby SpiderMew by (I forgot, sorry!) Erfworld Style SpiderMew by Dr. Bath
Various versions of SpiderMew by SpiderMew
Various other pokemon amalgamations by SpiderMew
SpiderKoopa, Cortez Windu, and The Invincible Fire Colossus all by SpiderMew
New Members of the Green Lantern Corps!
Green Lantern Lucario, Mr. T, Protoman and SpiderMan by SpiderMew

If you have Artwork you'd like to submit, then please contact me.